Join Canada’s Transportation Executives Next Year

The 2018 Surface Transportation Summit will be held at the International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, on October 10. With the looming changes to NAFTA and the introduction of the ELD mandate in the United States in December 2017, Canadian shippers and carriers may be facing some significant challenges in 2019. The eCommerce revolution, omnichannel distribution and blockchains are also expected to have a major impact on Canadian supply chains and transportation operations. The conference will present shippers, carriers and industry suppliers with thoughtful views and perspectives on the state of surface freight transportation in North America: What is the outlook for the Canadian economy and for each of the major transportation sectors in 2019? What are the projections for freight capacity? In addition to some very informative presentations, the attendees will have an opportunity to discuss some of the hot topics in freight transportation in a small group setting and to network with colleagues, prospective clients and suppliers. Don’t miss out on this premier business networking event.     Registration will open soon!