LOOKING AHEAD: Economic forecasts for 2014

  • Economic experts are calling 2010 – 2020 the Low Growth Decade. Chronically high unemployment in the United States, slowing growth in a number of other countries, an aging infrastructure and a lack of business confidence are holding back companies from investments in their North American operations. But there are signs of a recovery in America’s housing sector, in the automotive industry and in other key sectors of the economy. How will these forces play out over the next 12 months? One of Canada’s leading economists will provide an economic overview of 2013 and share his insights on where the economy is going in 2014. Also on the panel are a leading Canadian trucking company owner and a US based transportation consultant. The panelists will share their insights on the direction of the Canadian and US economies in 2014 and the implications for shippers and transportation providers as they prepare their business plans.