Keynote Address: Innovation (and Disruption)

  • “A brilliant way to look at innovation — I’m not afraid of it now!”

    Innovation has famously been called “the most important and the most overused” word right now. We’re hearing it, reading it, seeing it more than ever — along with its sister term, disruption. But talking about it doesn’t mean we really understand it.

    This presentation makes innovation and disruption simple. Using easy-to-understand principles and actionable strategies that your audience can take away and implement immediately, plus a fun, entertaining presentation style that has people laughing and learning at the same time, Max Valiquette demystifies innovation.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn why innovation is more important than ever (and why it’s also more confusing), how innovation is much easier for most us than we think it is, and the few key things you and your organization can do right now to foster a culture of innovation.

    Innovation has never been as valued as it is right now – but that doesn’t mean we know how to get value from innovation. “Innovation (and Disruption)” will leave you knowing how to make innovation have value for you.

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