MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS IN TRANSPORTATION: How big are the opportunities?

  • Mergers and Acquisition activity is expected to intensify in the Transportation sector over the next several years. Aging baby boomers are seeking opportunities to capitalize on their years of hard work. The Great Recession “took the fun out of the business” for many entrepreneurs. Leading economists are predicting an extended period of slow growth. A return to the “golden age” of trucking does not appear to be on the horizon. This may produce a group of interested sellers.

    Investors see the prospect of improving their profitability by adding new revenue streams and new customers while rationalizing overheads. Whether it’s adding a “tuck in” investment to fill a service void or part of a “grand plan” to become one of the top players in an industry, the time is ripe for change. But we have heard this story before. Will 2014 really be different from other years?

    This panel will contain an expert in mergers and acquisitions in the Transport sector and a “baby boomer” entrepreneur who recently sold his trucking business. The panel will discuss the key issues in buying and selling a trucking business and will share their insights on how to maximize the odds of making a successful purchase or sale.