Shipper- Carrier Roundtable

    Shippers need efficient low cost supply chains to bring in their raw materials and transport their goods to market. Industry experts have been warning shippers for years about the challenges being faced by carriers in recruiting quality drivers. The search for drivers is one of the catalysts for the heightened level of merger and acquisition activity within the motor carrier and logistics service provider sectors in 2015. Rail capacity is also being challenged by the rapid growth in the movement of crude oil through their networks and labour problems at some of North America’s major ports. While these issues are transforming the industry, new technologies, big data, the internet of things, government policies, currency volatility and new energy sources are upending current business processes.

    How should shippers and carriers react to the new set of forces shaping the transportation industry? A number of leading shippers and carriers will participate in this roundtable discussion. The moderator will lead the panel through a full discussion of the key issues shaping the industry.

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