Technology in Transportation: Are you getting the most out of your TMS?

    Sophisticated shippers and distributors have been using both commercial and home-grown Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for a number of years to help manage high transportation volumes, internal and external systems connectivity, carrier service monitoring and financial settlements. More recently, the lower cost and increasing functionality of TMS technology has made these services available to a broader range of shippers and 3PLs seeking greater freight cost control.
    TMS systems have profoundly changed the freight business. Shippers and logistics service providers are using TMS software to tender consolidated loads or shipments, using the right mode, to the right carriers with the right service at the right time. They provide the freight planning and execution tools that just a few short years ago did not exist. This panel, consisting of a leading supplier of TMS systems and a shipper and LSP who use these systems, will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of TMS systems and how to make best use of them to improve their or their clients’ operations.

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