TRANSPORTATION SALES: Can you adapt to the new normal?

  • The sales process in Freight Transportation has undergone major changes over the last decade. The economics of having a street sales team is being called into question when you consider the compensation, incentives, office space, car allowances and customer entertainment expenses. In addition to economics, technology has had a huge impact. The internet, tablets, smartphones, coupled with social media and customer relationship management (CRM) software are transforming the sales process. Shippers are also altering the sales world through the prevalence of freight bids and core carrier programs. Some experts argue that transportation companies should increase the ratio of telephone sales reps to street reps to adapt to the new normal. But sales is based on building relationships and establishing trust. This panel will consist of a sales executive with a leading trucking organization and a respected sales trainer. The panel will discuss how transportation companies should adapt to the changing environment to maximize sales productivity and revenue growth.

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