Genevieve Gagnon, President, XTL Transport

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    • Genevieve’s background in Business Development and Operations Management prepared her to lead XTL’s continued growth throughout North America.

      She is driven to lead her company to provide a high-level of Customer Satisfaction, while maintaining a continued focus on productivity and unnecessary cost-reduction initiatives.

      Guided by the conviction that technology is the key to her company’s future success, she has embraced the latest technological advancements in fleet safety.
      Her continued focus on strategic investments for her business has brought XTL to an industry leading level with a fleet of over 400 tractors and 1200 trailers on the transportation side of the business and close to 1 million square feet of warehousing.

      She is an Executive on the Board of the Ontario Trucking Association.

      Besides her undergraduate Administration degree at McGill University and her executive MBA, Genevieve Gagnon holds over 20 years of experience in the transportation and warehousing industry.

      Genevieve has proven her unwavering mindset by making strategic investments in key priorities for XTL, resulting in an investment of 35 million dollars towards building a new distribution center.

      XTL is a Leader in the trucking industry with a fleet of over 450 tractors and 1200 trailers for transportation business and close to 1 million square feet for warehousing.

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