Imtiaz Kermali, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, eShipper

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    • Imtiaz completed a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Business Management at the University of Birmingham, UK and went on to work in fast upscale environment in corporate sales at Vodafone U.K.

      Imtiaz has worked in various roles to deploy mobile and workflow transformations in the telecoms industry giving him firsthand experience in managing complex projects and finding efficiencies in workflow process. In 2015, Imtiaz accepted a VP role at eShipper Inc to scale up the business across North America, build structure to the company grow the brand globally. In the last year, Imtiaz has hosted multiple webinars and presentations with various trade boards and export forums to support and enhance international trade of small and medium sized businesses in Canada. . Imtiaz’s expertise lie in supply chain, marketing and technology.

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