Jim Peeples, President & COO, Challenger Group of Companies

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    • Jim graduated with a degree in Engineering from TUNS (now Dalhousie) in 1986 after which he joined Michelin Tire as a Process Engineer. Over the following 13 years, Jim worked in many capacities such as a Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Quality Manager and Operations Manager. This period in Jim’s career presented opportunities to work in different factory and corporate locations in Canada, US and Europe, where he was recognized for his expertise with People and Processes. Jim also participated in the highly touted Stage North America program at Michelin affording him the opportunity to work at Corporate US offices working with the Sales and Marketing departments for Truck Tire sales. He also was nominated to participate in the World Quality Leader program where he successfully achieved recognition for APC (Michelin version of Lean 6 sigma).

      Following a successful career at Michelin, Jim was recruited to join Purolator Courier in 1999 where he spent an additional 13 years in continually progressive positions such as; GM Hub Operations, Director of Quality and Engineering, Vice President of: Operations, Engineering, Quality, Technology, Real Estate, EH&S, Air Operations, Fleet, Engineering, and IT. Jim was successful leading teams to implement numerous initiatives including ISO 9000, Excellence Canada, Ford Q1, new automated sortation hubs, new Air Network, numerous facility constructions, Investment Governance, revenue generating technology, customer facing shipping system technology, and
      various other process improvements including Strategy and Business Planning. Jim has received many awards of recognition for performance in Engineering, Operations and Sales.
      Joining Challenger in the capacity of COO in 2012 Jim has since taken on the additional role of President.

      Jim is recognized as a multi-disciplined leader that gets results. He focuses on long-term strategy initiatives as well as short-term results. He is a driving force behind business process and technology improvements and is a change leader that builds strong, multi-functional teams. Jim’s key capability areas include Business Process Management (BPM), Supply Chain, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Business Excellence (Quality Systems), Strategy, Sales, Operations, and IT
      (People, Process and Technology). Jim has also been active with board memberships such as Excellence Canada and Canadian Trucking Alliance and is currently a member of the Supply Chain Management National Board of Directors. He continues to develop his skills with ongoing involvement in Executive Development Programs and focusing on business challenges that expand his experience and knowledge.

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