Justin Yang, Vice President, HanM Transportation Management Services Ltd.

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    • Justin Yang is the Vice President of HanM Transportation Management Services LTD – a Toronto-based company specializing in refrigerated transportation. He holds a B.Sci in Psychology from the University of Toronto.

      Justin moved to Canada in 1996. Having emigrated from South Korea – a country where respect for elders is the strong cultural norm – Justin offers a unique prospective in bridging generational gaps within the workplace and integrating newcomers into an unfamiliar country’s business atmosphere.
      Justin joined his father’s Toronto-based business in 2003. During his time at HanM, Justin had firsthand experience of the importance of cooperation across different demographics in the modern North American economy. This, combined with his trucking industry experience and education in Psychology, allowed Justin to facilitate a period of rapid growth for HanM.

      Initially a fleet of two trucks, HanM has grown to include more than 30 pieces of equipment. It currently has employees and drivers from varying cultural backgrounds in age groups ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Y.

      In 2016, HanM made the PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.
      When not working, Justin enjoys quality family time with his wife and two growing boys.

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