Taimy Suarez Cruz, Director of Logistics, BroadGrain Commodities Inc

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    • Taimy Suarez Cruz (@Taimy_SC). Director of Logistics for BroadGrain Commodities Inc, a company dedicated to the origination, handling, processing and trading of over 1 million metric tons of grain and pulses every year. With over 10 years of experience in the logistics field, Taimy began her career in the field as an administrative associate for BroadGrain, building her expertise and experience along the way in the execution of break-bulk vessels contract operations. Over the last decade, she has come to lead a supply chain planning, logistics team formed by over 30 regionally, and offshore-located staff, all responsible for the inbound and outbound logistics, inland and ocean freight coordination, as well as execution and documentation processes for all shipments, from Canada and other originations. Thanks to her strategic direction and oversight of a multi-phase group, Taimy has been able to consolidate cargo planning, logistics and trade-finance process with a strong cross-training program across all members. She currently resides in Pickering, Ontario, with his husband and 14 years-old son. She is very passionate about music and salsa dancing is her main hobby.

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