Tracy Clayson, Managing Partner, In Transit Personnel Inc.

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    • Tracy launched her business in 1995 with a website and continuous editorial coverage to quickly build brand awareness and recruiting success along with writing a monthly column in Materials Management and Distribution Magazine since 1998. Mentored by her entrepreneurial mother who founded a driver staffing company in 1976, along with family members in the trucking field, Tracy spent her growing up years around the business. After completing a Master of Social Work degree at University of Toronto, she reentered the trucking business bringing problem solving skills to fleet operators with driver (and other transportation operations roles) recruiting and retention challenges. In Transit is a transportation industry specific recruiting firm with a diversified talent offering from hiring GeoMap drivers in Canadian cities for MapQuest to sourcing Long Combination Vehicle operators from Ontario to Eastern Canada for one of Canada’s largest Fleets. Tracy and her team bring fresh approaches and technical knowledge to attract and assess the safest and best transportation talent available for leading Private Fleets, For Hire Carriers and 3PL organizations.

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