Yvette Lagrois, President, Ontario Truck Training Academy

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    • Yvette Lagrois, mentor to thousands of potential new Commercial Drivers entering the Trucking Industry for the first time and President of Ontario Truck Training Academy. Dedicated over 20 years, to honing and delivering truck training programs that put safety first.  A 2019 Top-Women Owned Business award recipient from “Women in Trucking” and Identified as an Expert in Truck Training for a “Behind the Scenes”  TV production to air on US and Canada Public Television next year.

      My employment journey started in the Insurance Industry.  The Insurance Industry did provide me with a firsthand account of the financial cost of accidents and driving decisions made on our roads. It was a great segue into a family decision to quit the day jobs and open truck schools in the GTA. Today, we are an asset base truck schools with 6 locations and maintain an Excellent CVOR rating.  Our goal is to invest what we learn today, into tomorrow’s training.

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